L'Ascension en Grande Bretagne, 3ème partie / Ascension day week end in the UK, part 3

Après une galère à la recherche d'un hotel, puis une petite visite dans Hyde Park, nous visitons Oxford circus et Picadilly circus.

After 2 days in Brighton, an exhausting day looking for a hotel, my friend and I are going back to london centre. We just
had a walk in Hyde Park, now we are going to look at oxford Circus. it's just 3 min long !

Oxford Circus (discussion) : 3 min

We are taking the picadilly line again for our next stop : Picadilly circus, a walk to the search of a restaurant.

Pïcadilly Circus (discussion) : 12 min

It's 10 o'clock in the evening, we had a nice meal. May be not the best place to enjoy a journey, the Aberdeen steack house was ok, we just had to wait 4 minutes for a table in the non smoking area.

Now, we are traveling back to Longford, with the Picadilly line underground and the hounslow city bus number 28.
Tomorrow at 4 o clock I have to wake up, a taxi is bringing me to the heathrow bus terminal, where a national express bus
will taking me to gatwick airport.

This was a little journey in the UK. Thank you for listening. See you next time for another carte postale
from another place !

15 min.